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An agile approach of consulting

In an ever-changing world, it is up to individuals to find simple and effective solutions to adjust to reality. This also applies to you, our clients. Among this plethora of services, which people do you want to work with? The ones who will try their best to understand your needs, or the ones who will offer you wonderful off-the-shelf solutions? All good stories start with a meeting. So does a commercial relationship.

Technology is a means, not an end. The means for our clients to offer new services, imagine other uses, and create more value for their stakeholders. Extia supports you in the management of your transformation projects, by establishing the link between people and digital. In a resolutely agile approach. And sometimes disruptive.

Digital transformation and change management
Learning expeditions & Thematic conferences

Digital transformation and change management

Passionate about new technologies and innovative solutions, our teams support you in your digital transformation projects. From the definition of a strategy to its deployment, our teams are present at every stage and master change management issues to ensure the success of the project for all your stakeholders.

Our skills

Agile Coach PO Lean Office Change Management

Our sectors of activity

Extia stands out for its multi-specialist approach and its ability to offer high added value services in a wide range of sectors.

Centers of expertise

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Packaging Service Center
An applicative Packaging Service Centre specializes in automating and industrializing the installation processes of office and business applications
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Dev Factory
More than a service centre, the Dev Factory helps you at every level to co-build your development projects, whether web, application or software.

Our modes of engagement

Technical Assistance
Service Centre

Technical support, advice, and expertise within the client's teams.

  • Commitment of means.
  • Simplicity in the expression of the need.
  • High reactivity of implementation.


Our know-how and the commitment of Extians are recognized by various certification institutions, which allow us to guarantee a positive experience for everyone!

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