Agility and management

Agility and management

At Extia, we combine agility and employee engagement. Our presence in the Great Place to Work ranking since 2012 allows us to maintain our continuous improvement approach, and ensure that Extia remains a company that is good to work for. In a context of growth, agility is a culture we made our own in order to maintain our authenticity. This spirit of agility is reflected in our management on a daily basis.

1 hour


In this course, you will discover :

  • How to create a relationship of trust
  • Psychological safety

Objectives of this course :

  • Embracing trust
  • Be psychologically sure of yourself

The stages of the journey

  • Agility and management
  • How to build a relationship of confidence
  • Trust as a basis for interpersonal relationships
  • Psychological safety
  • The 5 dysfunctions of a team

Others journey

Discover the journey
I want to understand what agility is, its origins, its foundations, and its application today.
Discover the journey
Before using the agile ways, you must first be agile yourself. I want to strengthen my agile mind and get to know myself better.
Discover the journey
Agility and product
To highlight and illustrate the different frameworks, roles, and professions of agility. Which position to adopt? Which tools to use?