The Extia Ecosystem

The business model is evolving and becoming more and more open. We are no longer confined within the four walls of our (beautiful) premises to be inspired and interact. Convinced that all good ideas deserve to be shared, we seek to federate around us an ecosystem that brings together stakeholders who share our beliefs: to make the people our core, well-being generates performance.

Sustainable adventure

The initiative project

Because a company that is good to work for is also a company that cares about its impact on the world, our CSR approach was co-constructed with the Extians: the Initiatives project. Small streams make big rivers, don't they? Each and every one of us has the power to help make this world a better place. And yes, IT can be a source of sustainable and inclusive progress.

Discover the project

The Alumni community

The adventure goes on

All good stories start with a meeting, and this story does not end when you leave Extia. This is why we created an Alumni community. A network for mutual support and sharing between former Extians, it is also an opportunity to keep a foot (or two) in Extia's ecosystem, and maybe come back! Your are a former Extian and want to join the network, contact the Alumni team.


What would Extia be without its legendary afterworks and other festivities? Some shared memories cannot be forgotten, and we understand it well. Events are organized several times a year, so Alumnis can continue to create such moments with us.


Finally, Alumni rhymes with networking - well almost, we grant you that. Our community allows Ex-tians to build a professional network and interact with their peers, even after leaving the company. Being an open forum, it brings together the personalities who have made Extia what it is today.

They returned to Extia

After some time spent with us, some Extians reach out towards new horizons. It is not uncommon to see Alumni returning in search of a new positive experience. This is the case for Arnaud, Pauline, Morgane, or even Justine.

Back to school

We support students in the professionalization of their course with the help of our partner schools. In concrete terms, "back to school", for Extia, consists of three complementary action levers.

To commit in the education of our future generations

The world is changing, and so is the work environment. What if, rather than just learning a trade, we (re)learn how to learn, and how to cultivate our employability? Extia is committed to the education of future generations by promoting new teaching approaches and developing new tools to enable them to better integrate the labour market.

Sharing memories with students

Memories are a hallmark of Extia, and we are told that they are not just for Extians. Forums, workshops, inter-school tournament, hackathon, recruitment buzz, or even Open Extia, many events give us the opportunity to connect with students, while promoting our corporate culture. Our goal? To promote differentiating and tailor-made events, to go beyond a mere resume.

A network of partner schools

The campus by Extia is first and foremost a long-term commitment. We have gradually built up an authentic network of partners, combining engineering schools, business, and universities. They reflect what Extians are: plural, and complementary. More than one-time actions, we have chosen to build genuine relationships with these institutions, and to support them in the professional integration of their students.