Inside extia

The positive experience

Our ambition is huge: to give each person a positive experience within Extia's ecosystem. Because each person is unique, their experience at Extia should be as well, whether it lasts for one internship, one job interview, or many years. We do not promise you happiness, that is up to you. But we do promise that your experience at Extia will be full of learning, discoveries, and meetings that we hope will be unforgettable!

An agile culture

In an ever-changing world, it is up to individuals to find simple and effective solutions to adjust to reality. Since it is less about planning and more about adapting, agility is a culture that we have embraced.

Relationship quality

The relationship quality is at the heart of our identity. So is confidence. Because we are proud of our originality, we reverse the paradigms, and it is the employees who rate their managers. Extians on assignment receive personalized and multiple support (Manager, HR and Administrative Consultant).


"He who does, is he who knows". At Extia, taking initiatives greatly matters. With an average age of 32, and nearly 90% of our managers coming from internal promotion, we encourage empowerment, especially by promoting the right to make mistakes. “Fail but fail fast” is our credo. Mistakes are an integral part of the learning process. When integrated early, it allows for a virtuous circle of trial and error.

Continuous improvement

Driven by this agile principle, Extia is committed to a co-construction approach. Extians shape the company, thanks to a strong feedback culture. Participatory surveys are often conducted to measure individual expectations, validate the implementation of measures, or identify new needs. “Test and learn” reigns supreme. Let's try, test, and improve ourselves!

Extia Manifesto

The learning company

Every opportunity is good for learning, training, and challenging yourself. Our leitmotiv is to enable Extians to be in a learning position throughout their career in the company. Because their employability is our main asset.

Our training offer is based on the 70/20/10 learning model.

Our learning model


We learn 70% by doing The content and interest are essential. At Extia, a monthly barometer allows us to measure the degree of employee satisfaction and the interest of their assignments. We are committed to promoting professional mobility and internal promotions. Thus, 30% of the consultants change their assignments each year, and geographical mobility is facilitated between all our agencies.


20% of the learning is done by exchanging with our peers. Extians are all over France and Europe, so what? Regardless of the assignments and locations of each person, it is essential to promote interaction between employees. Learning communities, the Comets by Extia, have been created to allow Extians to meet and exchange. Dedicated to technical, cross-functional, or sectoral themes, the Comets are an opportunity to learn differently. Extia has also developed a mentoring system, allowing senior consultants to support more junior ones.


10% of the learning is done through theoretical training. That's why we are offering all Extians unlimited piecemeal training through Linkedin Learning. Beyond external training and certifications, the RUBIX, training offer by Extia, also includes integration courses, business campuses and continuous training, to give all Extians the opportunity to develop fully in their position.

Great place to

Happiness at work cannot be decreed, it must be cultivated! If Extia is the forst Great Place to Work® in France, it is above all thanks to the Extians and their energy, their enthusiasm, and their sense of sharing. Our role? To provide a fulfilling and stimulating professional playground, and catalyze good ideas. How? By building a working group where everyone has their own place and the freedom to express themselves and undertake.

Creating shared memories

250. This is the number of festive, sporting, and solidarity events organized each year at Extia. After all, every victory or little everyday moment of happiness deserves to be duly celebrated. As our President stated so well, these shared moments are so many common memories that Extians create together.

What you measure is what you get!

Extians satisfaction has gradually become the main performance indicator at Extia. Since 2012, we have been participating in the Great Place to Work® survey, which is a true internal barometer allowing us to evaluate the state of the company each year. In addition to reactive management of issues, this approach allows us to identify our areas for improvement and guarantee a high level of commitment and well-being.

A “collaborActive” approach

"Comme as you are". Admittedly, this quote is not ours 😉, but it sums up our philosophy perfectly. The Extians are our daily source of inspiration. Plural, different and complementary, they are in charge of growing the company. We draw on the diversity of these 2,200 "Who" to co-construct the company.

Our latest news

Extia's ecosystem is expanding its sphere of influence with the aim to bring together different stakeholders around common values: the individual at the center, well-being at the service of performance.