Agility and product

Agility and product

The ambition of our Campus is to approach agile culture from all angles. However, we cannot ignore what agility brings to the creation of innovative products. We thus remain true to our maxim: He who does, is he who knows.

1 hour 30


In this course, you will discover :

  • Agile methods
  • The importance of each business unit in the agile method

Objectives of this course :

  • Adopt the agile method
  • Differentiating between all the trades within the agile method

The stages of the journey

  • A culture rather than methods
  • Scrum - the foundations
  • Scrum in detail
  • Design thinking

Others journey

Discover the journey
Agility and management
Agility is not just for IT teams; I want to learn how to become an agile manager.
Discover the journey
I want to understand what agility is, its origins, its foundations, and its application today.
Discover the journey
Before using the agile ways, you must first be agile yourself. I want to strengthen my agile mind and get to know myself better.