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The best way to train is the one that suits you best! This is why we have set up a multi-channel and multi-faceted training offer, inspired by the 70/20/10 model: the RUBIX. Each facet allows you to explore different learning methods; the training paths and channels are individualized and tailored with and for the Extians.


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Our learning program is based on the 70/20/10 model


We learn 70% by doing The content and interest are essential. At Extia, a monthly barometer allows us to measure the degree of employee satisfaction and the interest of their assignments. We are committed to promoting professional mobility and internal promotions. Thus, 30% of the consultants change their assignments each year, and geographical mobility is facilitated between all our agencies.


20% of the learning is done by exchanging with our peers. Extians are all over France and Europe, so what? Regardless of the assignments and locations of each person, it is essential to promote interaction between employees. Learning communities, the Comets by Extia, have been created to allow Extians to meet and exchange. Dedicated to technical, cross-functional, or sectoral themes, the Comets are an opportunity to learn differently. Extia has also developed a mentoring system, allowing senior consultants to support more junior ones.


10% of the learning is done through theoretical training. Beyond external training and certifications, the RUBIX, training offer by Extia, also includes integration courses, business campuses and continuous training, to give all Extians the opportunity to develop fully in their position.

Join the Extia experience

Consulting engineer
Support and sales functions

Phase 1

Welcome to the team ! 👋

On the first day, a breakfast is organized at the client's place with the Extia manager. After all, every good day starts with a good coffee, right? ;-)

Phase 2

The Well.Com

An integration evening is organized during the first month of arrival, in order to learn everything about the Extia ecosystem. They are also an opportunity to meet the Extians who joined the adventure at the same time.

Phase 3

The follow-up points

The quality of the relationship is crucial. During the year, follow-up points are organized on a regular basis to discuss with the business (every 6 to 8 weeks) and HR (4 times a year) advisers.

Phase 4

The Comets

Building up skills is a daily business. Good news! At Extia, Comets events are organized several times a week to benefit from other Extians expertise.

Phase 5

The evenings

Creating made in Extia memories is essential. That's why many parties are organized regularly! One goal: not to miss the invitation in your mailbox!

Phase 6

The Extia'Ordinary Overview

Already 1 year in this adventure! To look back on the year that has passed and to project ourselves into our ecosystem, it is time for the first Extia'Ordinary Overview.

Our Business Communities

Convinced that feedbacks and sharing together are essential to develop your expertise, Extia has created the Business Communities - aka the Comets by Extia. These are real learning communities bringing together novices, enthusiasts, and experts. Today, we organize nearly 100 events per year in France and Europe addressing technical, sectoral, and cross-functional themes.

Our Agile Campus

An online learning platform, the Agile Campus is our way of progressing together in becoming agile. As a "collaborative" project where experience is passed on and knowledge is shared, its objective is to make our convictions heard, to confront our doubts, and to learn together. Through our Agile Campus, our ambition is to allow everyone to learn agility, from the most beginner to the most experienced.

The Extians talk about RUBOX

The Extians give you their feedback on the training offer by Extia!


Agile Coach


The Agile Campus is the platform offered by Extia to make your first step into agility. Through thematic courses, everyone can discover the agile state of mind, values, and principles, all at their own pace. The website also provides tools and numerous resources to experiment and implement agile practices in one's daily life, regardless of their trade expertise!


Extian and trained


I followed two internal training courses at Extia, and I especially liked the format, between theory and practice. The training content is also very appreciable since it corresponds in all respect to our expectations, the trainers are competent and available for all our questions, even after the training period, which allows us to continue to practice and hone the knowledge we have acquired. In short, it is a real sharing of knowledge in a relaxed setting that remains very efficent


Mentor Autocad 2D/3D and Revit


My challenge during the mentoring sessions? To understand the mentees' jobs and issues in order to help them develop the proper technical skills. After the sessions, I remain available to answer their questions.


Project Management Trainer


Meeting new people, collaborating, exchanging, communicating, sharing: all these elements are common to project management and training. I am glad to be able to share my experience and lead the Extia Project Management Campus!


HR Development Manager


Offering Extians a personalized and innovative learning ground to support their skills and boost their career!