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Business Communities by Extia

With the Business Communities, Extia’s goal is to organize conferences on various topics such as: Soft Skills, Dev, Data, Green Tech and many more. These gatherings of experts and enthusiasts are open to Extians, clients, alumni, and anyone eager to share or expand their knowledge. The diversity and quality of these events allow us to maintain the high level of expertise of our consultants and to best meet our clients’ needs while keeping abreast of the latest trends and state-of-the-art technology.


Every year, the Business Communities amount to...




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FEEL GOOD : How to start your international career?


Are you looking for a new adventure abroad? Our Comet' Feel Good offers you a digital event dedicated to international work experiences.

SWITZERLAND : Durable performance with the Cardiac Coherence


How to manage stress and emotions with Cardiac Coherence? All the answers in the new replay of our #Switzerland Comet'!

PORTUGAL: Professional & International Mobility


How to prepare yourself for international mobility? Our Portugal Comet' takes you on a journey rich in exchanges and feedback.

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Businesss Communities lead, organizers, speakers and participants tell you about their experience!


Lead Comets Makers

"For me being a Lead means being able to share my knowledge with people and receive their own experiences and knowledge to broaden our skills together." Jonatan, Comet' Makers Lead"


Extia Consultant

"I have been an Extian for 2 years and attended a few Meet-up(r) Events in person. But since they went online, my schedule allows me to join communities from across Europe, once or twice per week. The format allows you to ask questions, but also to organize tutorials, to pick up tips and tricks from each other’s, in a good atmosphere. It was therefore quite natural that I, in turn, wanted to share some knowledge during a videoconference."


In charge of the Business Communities

"Always evolving, the Comet' are constantly adapting to allow everyone to exchange, learn, and improve their skills. Working in this challenging environment gives me the opportunity to interact with consultants, HR, business managers, etc. and to extend my knowledge alongside experts. Belonging to the Comets' team is also a chance to come up with new ideas, to lead cross-functional projects in order to contribute to the development and sustainability of Business Communities. It is a positive personal and professional experience!" Lauriane Robinet, Head of Business Communities"


Comets' technical expert & speaker

"Hosting the "Positive Collaboration" workshop with Extia was a great experience! Not only because of the fruitful exchanges with Charles for preparation and organization, but also thanks to the dynamic and interactive evening. I am very grateful to the participants who were very committed, it is indeed possible to build a positive collaboration and a better working environment, thanks to each and every one of us. That evening, each participant made a difference! Thanks to Extia for making this possible, even remotely." Luisa Colombo, recognized technical expert and Comet speaker"