Extia, first Great Place to Work® in France

In 2012, Extia launched its first survey with the Great Place To Work® institute, having in mind to measure the satisfaction of its 456 employees, and checking whether the original pledge (combining well-being and performance) was still being kept. 13 years later, Extia has changed but the approach remains the same. We are now 2,500 and have created 23 new agencies in France and abroad. In 2023, the 12 years of uninterrupted presence on the Great Place To Work® rankings and the 7 consecutive podiums finishes are almost anecdotal. What is less anecdotal is having succeeded to maintain a very high level of satisfaction among Extians over such a long time, and despite strong growth.

In 2024, the Extians took first place on the podium of Best Workplaces in France! It's a great honour and reward for everyone's commitment to the Extia adventure.

A tool for continuous improvement

Of course, not everything is perfect, and Extians are rarely indulgent in this matter. They are right not to be. This allows us to remain together in this dynamic of continuous improvement, which obliges us as much as it frees us. If everything is not perfect, then everything is perfectible. And since the world around us is resolutely uncertain, it is up to individuals to find simple and effective solutions to adjust to reality, and to Extia to offer them a stimulating and fulfilling professional playground. And that is fitting, since it is our only strategy. First who, then what.

Extians satisfaction in figures

Employee satisfaction is the main performance indicator at Extia. It allows us to identify our strengths and areas for improvement, and to implement corrective actions. This is how the Business Communities, our training offer Rubix, and the Initiatives Project were born.

(*) Percentage of positive answers in the latest Great Place To Work® France survey. These percentages do not take neutral answers into account.