Cookie management

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file consisting of numbers and letters that is stored on your browser. When you visit a website, they may place cookies on your browser to store information that will help optimize and personalize your use of the site. When you browse this website, cookies may be installed and read on your terminal equipment to improve the quality of service.

What cookies are placed on this website?

1. Necessary cookies

Some of the cookies placed on this website are necessary to ensure optimal access and use of the provided services. These cookies are automatically placed on your browser when you visit the website and do not collect any personal data about you.

The necessary cookies used on this website are the following:

  • GDPRresponse Role : Cookie allowing us to know if the user has already chosen an option regarding the use of cookies. Duration : 13 months

  • Gdpr-analytics Role : Cookie allowing us to know if the user has allowed or forbidden the use of cookies. Duration : 13 months

2. Statistical cookies

In order to help EXTIA to analyze the use of the website by its users and to understand the navigation of users in a non-personalized way, EXTIA uses the service of Google Analytics. This service allows us to place cookies on the website that use information such as IP addresses to provide us with audience measurement information (such as the number of visitors and traffic on the website).

The statistical cookies placed on this website are the following:

  • _ga Role : Gives a unique connection access in order to generate statistics and data on the use of the website by its users. Duration : 13 months

  • _ga_63P1ZJC8YT Role : Cookie linked to the presence of Google Analytics' script. Duration : 13 months

You can choose to accept or decline these cookies when you first visit this website.

EXTIA does not have access to the data collected through these cookies, and invite you to consult the Google cookies policy for more information on the use of your personal data, by visiting the following pages:

3. Optional cookies for optimizing navigation

In order to offer you optimal navigation on its site, EXTIA may have to deposit a geolocation cookie allowing it, through the processing of your IP address, to determine the country in which you are located. Such processing is only carried out with your prior consent and will only be carried out for the purpose of redirecting you to the page adapted to your country.

The cookie used to optimize navigation on this site is the following: allowCountryDetection Purpose : Processing of the IP address in order to determine the country of geolocation for the purpose of redirection to the page of the EXTIA site dedicated to the country in question. Lifespan : 13 months

If you refuse this cookie on your first visit to the EXTIA site, your IP address will not be processed for geolocation purposes and your navigation on the site will not be affected by the country in which you are located.

How do I configure the cookies placed on my browser?

When you first visit the EXTIA website, you have the option of accepting or setting your statistical cookies. Your setting preferences will be stored in a cookie placed in your browser for 6 months, so that your choices are reflected in any future browsing on our website. If you wish to reconsider your decision, you can click here.

If you wish to delete all your cookies, you can configure your browser. The cookies necessary for the proper functioning of the website can also be deleted, but EXTIA informs you that their deletion could impact your use of the service which is provided to you. To proceed with the deletion of all your cookies, we invite you to follow the corresponding unsubscription procedures :

However, EXTIA informs you that such configuration of your browser will result in the deletion of all your cookies, including your configuration cookies on EXTIA's website. In such a case, you may have to reconfigure your preferences upon your next visit on our website.

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