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Thank you for applying to Extia! Find out more about the recruitment process and how to best prepare for your candidate experience.

Our hiring process

Step 1

We carefully study your application.

Step 3

We then meet around three types of interviews: Draw my CV, Let's chat, Moving motivators; the choice is yours!


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Step 2

If your application is accepted, we will call you for a quick first discussion.

Step 4

Following these exchanges, you enter into an individualized recruitment process #FirstWhoThenWhat in order to meet the most relevant contacts for you.

1 CV sent = 1 euro

Extia offers a donation to the association of your choice!

Each year, we receive more than 25,000 applications. This is why we have decided to donate 1€ to an association for each CV received. Our goal: to make you an actor of our solidarity commitment while giving you a little taste of the Extia experience ;)

It's up to you to choose one of our three partner associations that will benefit from your donation!


Since 2005, Bloom has been fighting against industrial fishing lobbies in order to preserve the ocean and its resources.

Donations collected:201


WeTechCare association fights to reduce the digital divide. Their mission: to allow everyone to support people in difficulty at their own level.

Donations collected:49


The project of the Sentinel association towards the Autonomy and Social Inclusion of people with Autism? Open a reception center for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Donations collected:249